The Joining (drabble)

By Saavant

P/V (you have to wait to find out what that means)

Summary:  Bonding vows of some years back.

Disclaimer: I certainly don't own the entities involved.

Archive: anywhere you like, as long as you keep me informed on where it is



"Now we are truly one."

"Yes, we have joined ourselves forever."

"Thou art my bondmate."

"And I am thine."

"Before our union, I commanded the Enterprise alone."

"And now it is ours together."

"And Starfleet as well."

"And the Federation."

"Indeed, I feel we own all the universe."

"Such is the joy of our marriage. It gives us great power."

"We shall change the universe."

"Yes, in defiance of all directives and all logic."

"From now on, we shall always put a slash between our names."

"Paramount, parted from me and never parted."

"Viacom, never and always touching and touched."