"Pun Farr"


by Saavant

Series: VOY

Code: P/T

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Tom Paris learns something about Klingon biology.

Disclaimer: I'm not Paramount, I'm not Roddenberry, I didn't make up Tom and B'Elanna, and nobody's paying me any money for this.

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When Tom entered B"Elanna's quarters she leapt on him, devouring him in a passionate embrace.

"What's with you?" he managed to gasp out.

"It is the date equivalent to the beginning of May on Earth," she responded, biting his cheekbone. "I have reached that age."

"Age? It's your birthday? I didn't know you were a Taurus!"

"No," his lover growled, and backhanded him severely for the bad pun. "The Klingon mating season!"

"The Klingon mating season is in May?"

"Yes!" she roared, pinning him to the floor and beginning to rip off his clothes. "I love Paris in the springtime!!!"