Gamin Davis Fanzines
Featuring Hurt/Comfort Stories Focusing on
The Kirk-Spock Friendship
A Chronological Listing of Currently Available (Except as Indicated) Fanzines
Written and Illustrated by Gamin Davis
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        SOMETHING TO REMEMBER—A zine containing two stories: “Memories Born of Fire”, a sequel to “Amok Time” concerning Spock’s efforts to cope with his shame and guilt after nearly killing Kirk on Vulcan, and “Something to Remember”, a post-ST:TMP pon farr story in which Spock chooses Christine Chapel as his bond-mate and tries to gain the approval of Sarek and T’Pau so they can be married on Vulcan.  Color “Vulcan Serenade” cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 185 pages.  $15.00.  (1990 Fan-Q Nominee for Best Zine)

        VISIONS OF FUTURES PAST—A collection of re-edited and rewritten stories not previously seen in the U.S., with new artwork and poetry by the author.  Includes: “Kolinahr: the Parting” (a story focusing on the internal conflict that drove Spock back to Vulcan at the end of the first 5-year mission to try to attain Kolinahr, and how Kirk and McCoy deal with his decision), “Final Victory” (a Fan-Q Award-nominated, post-ST:TMP pon farr story in which Spock and his friends must cope with his death in pon farr), “A Rose Amongst the Ashes” (another post-ST:TMP story in which Kirk dies on an away mission and Spock learns to cope with his loss with help from McCoy and Christine Chapel), more.  Black and White character portraits cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 200 pages.  $16.00.

        MORE FUTURE VISIONS---Another anthology of friendship/relationship stories focusing on Spock, Kirk, McCoy and Christine Chapel, this zine contains four stories: “A Time to Heal” (A Spock/Christine sequel to “Return to Tomorrow” dealing with Henoch’s abuse of Spock’s mind and Christine’s body), “For Duty's Sake” (Spock’s post-“Amok Time” reminiscences to Kirk about his childhood on Vulcan and relationship with T'Pring), “A Light in the Darkness” (a post-ST:TMP story in which Spock is blinded—possibly permanently--in an accident on the Bridge), and “Tashirya” (another post- ST:TMP story in which Spock is kidnapped by Kor to be used as a test-subject for a new mind-sifter and wins the support of the new machine's creator—the half-Romulan/half-Human daughter of one of his and Kirk’s old enemies).   Color “Surprise Attack” cover and interior art by the author.  Comb bound, 250 pages.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

        BLOOD TIES—The novel-length sequel to “Something to Remember”, set post-ST:TMP, begins six months after the end of the first story.  Spock takes the now-pregnant Christine back to Vulcan for a family reunion in order to present her to his clan for inspection and acceptance as one of them; in the process, they both must deal with certain ultraconservative elements of the clan, who are not pleased that another member of their ancient and revered family line has chosen a Human wife.  This is driven home to Spock all too clearly when a cousin of his commits a horrifying (especially by Vulcan standards) act against Christine—in the name of preserving the Vulcan race from further contamination by Humans.  Full color “Spock’s Littlest Cousins” cover and interior art by the author.  Comb bound, 250 pages.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

        ELEGY FOR AMANDA—Presented in a new and more readable format, this is the Surak Award-nominated story of friendship and forgiveness in the face of family loss and conflict.  Six months after ST:TMP, Ambassador Sarek requests diversion of the Enterprise to Vulcan and medical aid from Dr. McCoy for his seriously ill wife; Kirk, Spock and McCoy arrive only to find Amanda within days of death.  Kirk must help Spock cope with his mother's loss—and somehow keep it from tearing Spock and Sarek apart before they, bereft of their only real unifying force, tear each other apart.  Color “Amanda's Death” cover, comb bound, 60 pages.  $9.00.

        OUR DEAREST BLOOD II: THE PRICE OF FRIENDSHIP—A Kirk-Spock friendship novel, this is the continuation of my AU STIII sequel “Our Dearest Blood” (published in VISIONS OF FUTURES PAST).  With his mental healing after the fal-tor-pan still incomplete by Vulcan standards, Spock leaves Vulcan with Kirk (who is now having to deal with nightmares about the loss of the Enterprise and fears of losing Spock again) and McCoy for Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, where they and their shipmates are due to stand court-martial.  Sarek and Amanda accompany them, Sarek intending to testify on Kirk’s behalf—but before he can do so, Amanda is captured by aides to the Klingon Ambassador in an effort to prevent Sarek’s testimony.  Kirk is chosen to lead the rescue mission—and he must also try to help Spock, who is seriously injured during the kidnapping, complete his physical and mental recovery.  Color “Vulcan Collage” cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 150 pages.  $14.00.

        KOLINAHR II: HOMECOMINGS—A novel-length sequel to “Kolinahr: the Parting” (published in VISIONS OF FUTURES PAST) focusing on Kirk and Spock’s friendship.  The story, beginning two weeks after the end of ST:TMP, of how Spock tries to come to terms with new insights gained from V’ger and consequences of his failure in Gol to attain Kolinahr that threaten his Vulcan heritage and his very identity as a Vulcan.  At the same time, he must try to rebuild his damaged relationships with—and be forgiven by—Kirk, McCoy and Christine Chapel.  His prospects of success seem uncertain until the Enterprise returns Starfleet Headquarters on Earth and Kirk invites Spock to join him on an extended leave there, with Kirk’s help, Spock begins to adjust—and through a series of events, he comes to realize that he still has a home on the Enterprise and Kirk’s friendship.  Color “Spock of Vulcan and Earth” collage cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 180 pages.  $17.00.

        OPERATION: T’HY’LA—An epic Kirk-Spock friendship story spanning Federation, Klingon and Romulan space.  This alternate-ending spin-off of my earlier story, “Tashirya” (published in MORE FUTURE VISIONS) was originally written at the request of then-zine editor/co-publisher Bill Hupe.  Set a year after ST:TMP, this story picks up from its predecessor shortly before Kirk’s rescue of Spock.  Here, Spock, having been kidnapped by Kor, is first taken deep into Klingon space, then taken by the Romulan/Human woman Tashirya back to her homeworld when she escapes with her mother from Kor’s ship.  Once there, Tashirya sets about trying to undo the damage her mind-inverter has done to Spock—including restoring his memory of Kirk’s survival of the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee ceremony on Vulcan—though Spock remains in a near suicidal depression.
While she and her mother try to help Spock adjust to life among Romulans, Kirk, haunted by a mental distress call from Spock, embarks alone on a clandestine mission to find his friend that takes him across the Neutral Zone and through Klingon and Romulan space.  But before he can bring Spock back, they face a traumatic situation that ruins their reunion and threatens to end their friendship.  Hurt/Comfort and mature themes—deals with mind rape and physical abuse.  Also includes several filks.  Color kaleidescopic Kirk and Spock “Bond-Lights” cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 140 pages.  $11.00.

        NO BEACH TO WALK ON—A trilogy of Kirk-Spock novellas dealing with death and lost love—and how Kirk and Spock together overcome the trauma of each.  Includes: “Land of Silver Birds” (A sequel to “City on the Edge of Forever” based on Ellison’s original ending which had Spock inviting Kirk to Vulcan—they go back to Vulcan on leave and Spock helps Kirk work through his grief while he tries to deal with his own sense of guilt in forcing Kirk to let Edith die…then Kirk is injured), “Revelations in the Snow” (A sequel to “The Paradise Syndrome” in which Spock helps Kirk recover from Miramanee’s death—and Kirk again helps him overcome guilt--while on leave on a snow planet), and “Zarabeth’s Legacy” (a slightly AU sequel to “All Our Yesterdays” that discards the idea of Spock “reverting to the ways of his ancestors” in favor of another explanation for his behavior in Sarpeidon’s past, focusing on the ramifications of the incident for his relationship with Christine Chapel).  Also includes filks.  Color “Lost Loves” collage cover and interior art by the author; comb bound, 225 pages.  $17.00.

new MILLENNIUM TREK--a collection of Kirk and Spock friendship/hurt-comfort-oriented stories based on Classic Trek episodes, featuring: "First Duties"--a "Journey to Babel" sequel focusing on the real reason Spock changed his mind about donating blood to Sarek, and the ramifications it has for his relationship with his parents, once they find out--and "An Unexpected Illness" ( sequel to "The Immunity Syndrome" in which Spock is found to have contracted a disease from the giant ameba and Kirk and McCoy spend their leave on Starbase 6 caring for him as they try to find a cure). 
    Also includes: "The Loneliness of Command" (missing scenes from "The Galileo Seven"-- Kirk helps Spock deal with his loss of two crewmen during his first landing party command)…"Darkness" (missing scenes from "Operation--Annihilate!"--how Spock deals with his brief blindness and then helps Kirk deal with Sam's death)…"A Last Embrace" (missing scenes from "Amok Time"--Kirk and Christine Chapel each try to help Spock deal with the pon farr; the only Spock/Christine story in the zine)…and "Heroes" (missing scenes from "The Savage Curtain"--Spock finds that his "image of Surak" is not exactly as he expected).  Plus artistic tributes to DeForest Kelley/McCoy.  Color "Kirk and Spock on the Bridge" cover, comb bound, 107 pages; $10.00 US/$16.00 Overseas Priority.

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