Series: Humorous Vulcans [G]
Summary: A silly little skit based on a conversation in the Vulcan/Romulan newsgroup about name spelling difficulties.
For Gamin Davis, just think of these two characters as impersonators and you will do just fine. lolololol

It was the first day of the winter season. The sweltering heat was behind them and the sons of Sarek were light of heart. Their Father had finally relented and allowed the boys to enroll in the intramural cricket league: an earth game very similar to 'Vulcan baseball'.

Diplomats and traders from over the Federation called the capital city home. Their children lived in Shi'Kahr along with them and the sports season was always a busy time. Sarek's' sons were acquainted with many of these children and were eager to become involved in the world outside their restrained Vulcan upbringing.

The large registration office was filled with a myriad of Federation species: boisterous girls and boys of all ages. Sarek's sons waited in line along with the rest. It had been a long morning as they waited but the younger was finally about to have his turn.

 "Next," came the voice from beyond the window.

The thirteen-year-old Vulcan boy stepped up to the window and peered in to the registrar.

The blue-skinned Andorian wearily requested, "Name?"

"Spock, son of Sarek"

"I don't have enough boxes for all of that."

"Then Spock will do."

"Hm," the rat-a-tat-tat of the archaic keyboard punctuated the low hum of the crowded room. A paper print out was quickly handed to the patient young man.

Spock prepared to leave but stopped short," Excuse me but that is Spock with a 'C'.

The flustered Andorian grumbled then snatched the printout from the boy's hands. In a huff she re-typed in his name then grumbled at the printer. Without even looking up she passed the paper to him.

"Excuse me, but it begins with an 'S' not a 'C'. The 'C' is in addition to the 'k'.

'Oh bother!" the cranky blue-skinned woman exclaimed and again grabbed the paper from the boy's hands.

Once again she hurriedly typed in the name. As she waited for the print out, her death glare stabbed down the row of youngsters behind the Vulcan boy. Again the print out was presented for Spock's perusal.

"My name is not Spork.  It is Spock. A spork is a utensil which..."

"Oh for the love of MIKE!" she grabbed the paper, furiously crumbled it then heaved it into the trash bin.

"Spell out each letter," she paused then flippantly added, "please!"

The flabbergasted boy slowly enunciated each letter," S..P..O..C..K."

"Thank you!"  The irate woman's antennae turned blue as she waited for the print out which she hoped was the last one for this impossible teenager.

"Is this correct? " she thrust the paper towards Spock.

His eye scanned over the name and proclaimed," Indeed Mame I believe you finally have it correct. Thank you."

"My pleasure. NEXT!" she bellowed.

Spock's elder brother stepped up to the window. A smirk played upon the young man's face. Most uncharacteristic of a Vulcan, the Andorian noted.

"Name?" she inquired wondering if this one were going to be as much trouble.

"Sybok. Allow me to spell it out for you."

The woman absently typed in his dictated letters.

" S..U..C..K"

 "HEY!" she sneered as she realized his joke.

Sybok's smirk broadened into a grin as he nudged his younger brother.

The end

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