Vorik the Vulcan
This shrine is dedicated to my
muse and greatest inspiration,
Vorik the Vulcan Ensign of the
Starship Voyager
Between the Stories,
Photos, Sound clips and Links,
any Vorik appetite should be satisfied.
My Pride and Joy and what started it all....
The Vorik series
(in chronological order)
What if Voyager does not make it back to the Alpha Quadrant
before the series ended? Here is a timeline that speculates
on just what might happen with Voyager's other Vulcan.

The Purple Vulcan Eater! [PG]
A giant Purple Hermaphrodite is rescued and rewards hish rescuer,
who is none other than our Pon Farr boy: Vorik
This was my very first story that I ever wrote!!!
 I went in a different line with Vorik...
but this was a fun one which started it all.
    The Smut Convention
Torres , Vorik [NC-17]
                                                    It is two years after his disastrous bonding attempt with B'Elanna.
The pair reach an  understanding  in, of all places, a Smut Convention.
The Morning After (Part One)
Ten years into their journey across the Delta Quadrant,
Vorik experiences his second Pon Far and finds love with a human.
m/f, NC-17
   The Morning After (Part Two)
     O Happy Thief [NC-17]
A brief interlude in the
turbo lift inspires  Raven to write Vorik a poem.
1999  second place  ASCEM
Golden O for best Voyager Misc Het Smut
     Cookies  [NC-17] Explicit sexual content
Vorik recalls  an intimate moment with Raven
  NEW!!! Rumarie [NC-17]
Rumarie is a long forgotten pagan Vulcan festival that involves gluttony,
wild celebrations and sexual orgies. Our favorite Vulcan, Vorik,
in an attempt to be a better husband to his new wife,
secretly utilizes the holo-deck for a bit of research.
  Vulcan Oil Torture  [NC-17}
An interesting meditation exercise  Vorik and Raven share .
1999  second place  ASCEM
Golden O for best Voyager Misc Het Smut
    Giddy Up, Vorik [NC-17]
                                                    Vorik and his bond-mate, Raven, share a holodeck getaway to rekindle the romance.  Set three years after the story: Morning After.
   The Anniversary.
This is the continuing story of Vorik and his human wife, Raven Zans.
17 years into Voyager's exodus through the delta quadrant,
the couple is spending a quiet night together
renewing their Vulcan bonding vows.  [NC-17]
  Nick of Time [PG-13]
With the aid of their Vulcan mating bond,
Vorik tries to rescue his kidnapped wife, Raven.
  My Faithful Vulcan
Set 5 years after the return of Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant.
This is a tale of a Vorik and his wife, Raven as they weather
her human mid-life crisis. There is a surprise in here too. [PG-13]
NEW!!To Boldly Go...[PG]
Having returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager's crew
is welcomed home by family and friends.
Coming soon..Perhaps More Vorik and Raven Tales..if the muse holds out.
If you have enjoyed these tales .please let me know.

About my Twin Brother Taurik,
The Altar Boy [NC-17]
TNG Taurik/Sarek
2000   ASCEM
Golden O second place for best TNG Misc. Slash
What if it was not only Bendii syndrome
but also something else that Sarek was afflicted with?
During his visit to the Enterprise, Sarek succumbs to the fires of his mating time.
Perrin, his aging human wife, is no longer strong enough to attend to him.
Sarek seeks solace in the Vulcan sanctuary aboard ship. But what he finds
is not solitary meditation but a fine specimen of Vulcan manhood, Taurik!
Taurik had been featured in TNG  LowerDecks
EP along with a Bajoran named Sito.
NEW!! To Protest Against our Nature [NC-17]
TNG Sarek/f Taurik/f
Written by Gayle Potts but she was kind enough to let me beta-read for her.
A Vulcan Woman faces choices in her life.
This is the sequel to 'In a time of Need' written by Gayle Potts.FONT>

               Stories of Vorik as muse at the Bluemoon
                Writers' Cavern
In an alternate universe, Vorik is the Muse of the
Romulan treksmut writer, Salatrel
 The Vulcan Vacation  [NC-17]
The couple finds themselves in
interesting situations while conducting research on Vulcan.
 The care and feeding of Muses NC-17]
An accounting of two writing servants caring for their muses,
Bluemoon Sweatshop style
  The Understudy [NC-17]
S'haile Selek and his Kitasua
spend an enjoyable afternoon in his office.
                                                Written by Selek, Ree'Sha, Salatrel and T'Aitlu.
Sound clips, photos and others' fan fiction
of this favored Vulcan.
    Voice waves.
More photos
T'Prann's Art page
I have scoured the net looking for stories
about Vorik. IF you know of any others
 please let me know
so I can add to this collection.
Watsondog Kennel [PG-13]
B'Elanna's Revenge by Dave Rogers
Fantasies by T'Lin. Vorik/Spock
Face reality by T'Lin. Vorik/Kirk
Annika III: Passion, Violins and The Force By: Stefan C.
A nice little surprise in the turbolift with Sue Nicoletti
The Coach by Karen
This one is a C/P but it is where Toress is having Vorik's baby,
  Chakotay gets an Anal Probe Converted by shadows ghost
A South park spoof..this wasnot nice but a riot!
Thin Air from the lower decks web site.
The lower decks ring and web site  may still be down so check back soon

   All the places to find Vorik.
     The Alexander Enberg Fan Page
   All Vorik and Taurik information and great photos!! By Eileen
Vorik land:  A humorous look at Vorik.
Dialog from the famous blood fever episode.
A Review of the Blood fever episode
The Delta Blues synopsis of the Blood fever episode
This is not a link but rather a reminder
that you can find Vorik in Jeri Taylor's novel, Pathways.
Why not drop me a line..
hell throw me a rope!
This is where I found the theme
   for my Vorik shrine!
                    You have to check this site out.  Great stuff!
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