book        DISCLAIMER:  For lo, the Deity Paramount doth own these characters; I do
but pay tribute to them.

The Void
K&S, Ch; angst, death
K&S friendship
Touch of Friendship
K&S friendship
Lady Star Freedom
CODES: U for Uhura; that's it
Letter to Sarek
S, angst [G]

Amanda's Song
S, Am [G]

Hollow Victory
 K&S friendship, angst, death rated PG
NOTE: This poem is based on my first ST fan-fic, called "Final
Victory", which was a post-ST:TMP story in which Spock died from pon
farr but managed to regain his rationality before he died.
Obviously, it's Kirk's POV as he deals with his grief over Spock's
A Sonnet for Christine
TOS S/Ch:angst [G]
This poem serves as a bridge between "Memories Born of Fire",
my "Amok Time" sequel, and "Something to Remember",
my post-ST-TMP pon farr story in which Spock and Christine finally marry
To Christine from Spock
TOS S/Ch: angst [G]
(From "Tears of Medusa" Poetry Zine, 1983)
(These filks are Star Trek-orientated lyrics set to pre-existing songs. )
Elegy for Edith
K/Edith, death, angst filk
Memories of Edith
K/Edith, death, angst
Starship Enterprise
(Tune: "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles)
Both Halves Now
(Tune: "Both Sides Now")
S, K&S, Mc,Ch
Spock looks back on his life.
Half-Breed: Spock's Song
(tune: "Half-Breed" by Cher)
S, K&S, Mc, Ch, angst
Spock reminisces again, finding more painful memories.
Starship in the Sky With Dilithium
(Tune: "Lucy in the Sky With  Diamonds" by the Beatles)
K&S&Mc [G]
Days of Classic Trek
(Tune: "Those Were The Days" by Mary Hopkin)
The Vulcan Sleeps Tonight
(tune: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens)
K&S&Mc [G]
Spock's Kirk's-Missing-From-the-Ship-Again Blues: Where Is Jim?
K&S, angst [G]
(tune: "Where Is Love?" from the musical OLIVER!)
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Recognition by Gamin Davis

K&S Based on STIII [G]

//Jim...your Jim...//

As recognition fills your eyes,
I wonder if you realize
the loss and censure I have faced
to bring you safely to this place--
the fire and death through which I've been,
and private wars I couldn't win...

A comet-star called Enterprise
that blazed in glory through the skies
to share in Genesis' demise...
a new-found son I'll never know,
whose pointless death brings endless woe...
and still to face is Starfleet's wrath;
I've once too often left their path.

Yet, as I see you comprehend,
I still would bear it all again--
it would be worth it in the end--
if I could bring you back, my friend.

//I have been...and ever shall be...your friend.//


    As published in VISIONS OF FUTURES PAST, c. 1992 (or thereabouts),
originally written in 1986.