new                                Kirk's Promise
                                           TOS K&S, mild hurt/comfort
                                          (PG-13 for adult themes)
                                                        After "Amok Time", Kirk and Spock have a private talk,
                                                           and Spock makes an unexpected request.. .

                                      An Unexpected Illness
                                       Early Version

                                      K&S, Mc, hurt/comfort
                                               (PG for explicit descriptions of some superficial disease symptoms)
                                                   Sequel to "The Immunity Syndrome"  in which Spock is found to have
                                           contracted an alien disease from the giant ameba.  He and McCoy spend their
                                                   leave on Starbase 6 caring for Spock and trying to find a cure.

                                           Final Victory
                                                                                                  (AU, post-ST:TMP)
                                               K&S, Ch, Mc, Sa, A; angst, h/c, DEATH [PG]
                                               This is my first piece of fan-fiction.
                                                       The story of how Kirk and McCoy help a still-unbonded Spock (and
                                                       themselves) face his death in pon farr, then try to cope with his loss.

                                                     A Light in the Darkness
                                                    (Post -ST:TMP, K&S&Mc, Ch, h/c)[G]     
                                                           Spock is blinded in an accident on the Bridge        
                                                     and must face the possibility of leaving behind his home
                                                       and his friends on the Enterprise forever.

                                                   Angels Home for Christmas
                                                                                                          Early Version
                                                                (TOS, K&S, S/Ch, Mc, assorted Human relatives of  Spock; h/c [G])
                                               Two years after the V'ger mission, the crew of the Enterprise-including Kirk, Spock,
                                                    McCoy and Christine Chapel-get the chance to spend Christmas on Earth with
                                                       their families.  After being rejected by his Humans relatives, Spock accepts an
                                                     invitation to join Kirk and Christine in Iowa where they are sharing an                                                                             old-fashioned  Christmas with Kirk's Mother; Spock arrives feeling depressed                                                                         and isolated, and when he gets lost in a blizzard, a vision of an angel
                                                                                               shows him how truly fortunate he is.


               new      The Star: Circles  of Light 
         (TOS, K&S, Mc, Ch, h/c angst) [G]
    Shortly before the first Christmas, after the V'ger mission, McCoy faces a seemingly impossible choice: give a presentation on Vulcan mating rituals for the annual Federation Medical Conference or risk his career. When Kirk, as a result, is forced to choose between helping him or keeping his years-old, but so far unbroekn promise to Spock not to dicuss details of the pon farr with anyone, his choice leads to a loss of Spock's trust and the near-destruction of their friendship ( and more) as Christmas approaches. Then a mysterious star heralds a Christmas miracle that draws the two of them back together.
                       new   Our Dearest Blood
                                           (Post-STIII / AU, K&S, Mc, Sa, Am, h/c) [G]
                                            A STIII sequel written as an alternative to STIV, focusing on the early days of Spock's                                                 recovery after the fal-tor-pan ceremony and Kirk's efforts to help him.  

                     new      Time of Miracles
                                       (Post-STIV, K&S&M, Ch) [G]
                                       Kirk is injured during the Enterprise-A's shakedown cruise;
                                       Spock and McCoy  face Christmas with him in a coma at a starbase hospital 
                                       and the two of them having to spend the holiday together,  worrying about Kirk
                                                       and learning to get along  with each others.